Jul 6, 2009

《 Finally 》

No more doubt.
No more hesitation.
No more comparison.
No more changes in my mind.
No regret.
From science to bussiness.
From pharm to ACCA.
Everything seems like so new to ME.
Yes.It's totally new to ME.
Instead I know nothing about ACCA.
Basically,I need to start all from 0,A-Z.
Am I too late?
No matter how I'll stick with the FINAL decision and I'll
really really STUDY HARD for it.
I know it's not easy at ALL.
Decision has been made.
There's no turning back.

First class at 8am but I've no idea why I still at py's hs.
At first we planning to go yum cha at 12am but ended up they ffk
and now I still waiting for the ffk-er come to pick mii up*grrr*
The time now is 2am.I really wonder can I manage to wake up at 7am.
Finally,the ffk-er came at 2.07am and I reached home at 2.30am
Anyone know how soon is the SOON can be?
Let ME tell you the answer:
According to the ffk-er,the words S-O-O-N actually stands for one hour.
15 mins for each alphabet so ended up I've wait for 1 hour since I've been told it would be SOON*wth*
Summo the ffk-er suggested we go eat BAK KUH TEH on tues at 6.30am.
U guys better make sure it's really ON.IF NOT...
Haiz.Guys memang cannot be trusted.
U all really gOod in FFK.LoL.

P.S. 050709 20:20 =>this is my happiest moment.But so sad I can't tell now cuz I really gotta get myself into the bed.Class start at 8am.Stay tuned.I'll share my happiness in my next post*nitez*

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