Jul 3, 2009

《ACCA? Pharm?》

I'm undecided.
My mind is keep on changing.
I'm hesitating.
My faith is shaking.
I'm losing my grip.
I'm facing the same dilemma over and over again.
And now,I'm standing in the midst of T-junction,
still uncertain which route to take.
I'm freaking tired of it.
I hate this part of ME.

Registration fee has been paid for both courses.
Both courses commenced on the same day*wth*
But still there's no FINAL decision.
Sometimes I do feel like trying both so I know which suit me the best.
But somehow there's no trying.
Perhaps I should smuggles into the classes so I can have a "trial" for both courses.
Ahem.Normally first sem classes cant tell much so I should just smuggles into the 2nd sem classes.
Should I take the risk?
hmmm..Perhaps I should JUST DO IT for my own sake.

Recently,I've heard a lot of opinions about ACCA and pharm from different people.
Different people different view.
Comparisons have been made.
Overall,both courses has their own pros and cons.
But I've no idea why is it so hard for ME to make the decision.GOSH.
In the end,I knew it still depends on myself cuz I'm the one who decide my fate*stressed*
I don't want to choose the wrong path*I just want to go for the correct way*
I don't wan to regret in future*I just want to succeed in future*
It isn't fun when we need to decide our future and yet I've struggled for quite some time already.There's too many issues(time,money,interest,effort, career)that I need to put in consideration in order to make a wise decision.
All these driven mii crazily.

There's nothing easy in life.Neither pharmacy nor ACCA.
I knew I just need to choose 1 and study hard for it because I believe that
“Whenever there is a will there is a way”
I should bear in my mind and remind myself all the time.
Decide please.

P.S. credit to Jeng Nee thankz for ur brilliant idea*wink* shhhh~~keep it as a secret pls.

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