Aug 21, 2009


It's been a while since my last update of my blog.The reason is:-
1) I sent my comp for repair and i just get it back
2) I had my first progress test last 2 weeks
3) I don't have time
Whatever reason it is,please just IGNORE it.To be frankly,
my laziness overtook my hardworking-ness thus resulting in proscrastination=p

Let's talk about my Sunway ACCA study life now.Well,I still can remember clearly that how I used to spend my1st day studying in Sunway College.On 6th of July,my brother acco
mpanied mii to attend my first lesson which is F1 class that conducted by Mr.Bill simply because I scare to be alone.I remembered the scene that mii n my bro being locked outside the classroom cuz we're late for class after 10 mins break*wth*It's so embarrasing and we had caught the attention of the class.Some of my classmates even thought that we are COUPLE*LoL.Truth is being revealed after few days later*After Mr.Bill's class,I attended Mr.Tan's F2 class alone and my brother wait for mii at foyer for 3 hours.Hmmm..I felt so sorry and guilty for my Bro but he never blame mii for that.After finished class at 2.45pm,we went to sunway pyramid to have our lunch at Kim Gary and we watched Ice Age 3 3D movie.Again,I felt so guilty that I fell asleep in the cinema despite how funny the movie is.I just can't keep my eyes open because I didn't sleep the day b4 that.OMG! I wasted my bro's $$.Afterall,it was such a MEMORABLE day for mii=) Thankz gor for being so lovely & caring*onli valid till that day* XD

Now,it's already 1 1/2 months since my first class.Sometimes,I even
couldn't recall how I used to burn the midnight oil on the day b4 progress test.ZOMG!Time always tend to pass so fast.But now I'm so happy since I've finished my first progress test.As u all know,I don't have any accounting background so I really need to study hard to understand it.The progress test driven mii crazily simply because it was my first test*wth*Hopefully I can pass all then I'll be happy.

Basically,studying in sunway college is quite interesting and fun even though ACCA is a boring course by itself.But my perception towards ACCA changed since I met a bunch of crazy ACCA students in my class.Some of them just like mii.We had no idea why we study ACCA and we just cant figure it out until now*SWT*According to Prof. Mattew(a weird yet a smart student from IMU that study ACCA to kill his time)our class is crazy,noisy and noutti.But who CARES?!They've made my ACCA study life so interesting that I never had b4 and my class is always full with laughter n joys because of them.Thanks ppl.I LOVE u all.

Tat's all bout my ACCA study life.
-Current status-Enjoy=)

P.S Some memories being deleted after comp reformat.I know it's no way to recover it even though it do upset mii for few days=( Perhaps it gives mii some hints that those memories shouldn't be kept despite how sweet it used to be.Past is the past*A reminder for myself*

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